“Hidden Door” Wine Cellar

This “hidden door” appears to just be wine storage from one side, but opens to a full-sized wine cellar door.

Vigilant Woodworks worked with Shawn Leonard Architects to design this custom “hidden door” for a Southampton, N.Y. residential wine cellar. When closed, the door appears to just be wine storage space but opens to a reveal a 36″ by 84″ wine cellar door. This door swings into the wine cellar and features secure, 32 bottle storage using Vintage View wine racks with closures. The door is made of mahogany wood and is finished with locking hardware and lacquer for a lustrous look.

This is just one example of how Vigilant Woodworks can design a custom wine cellar door or other piece for your wine cellar, which can be incorporated with other kit wine racks and storage elements. The possibilities are endless and the results are amazing!

Thirty-two wine bottles will be securely stored in these Vintage View wine racks with closures.

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