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Our namesake the Baltimore Clipper Schooner, "Vigilant" sailed commercially on the world's oceans for over 130 years. For us here at Vigilant it represents superior design, durability, dependability and value. All of our wine cellars, wine racks, wine cellar doors, wine cabinets and lockers, custom cabinetry and millwork, and cigar cabinets that bear the Vigilant name are crafted with those values in mind. We build our products using the finest materials and craftsmanship for the enjoyment of our customers.

DIY: Creating an Under Stairs Wine Room

Posted By on January 7, 2019

These clients had been dreaming of creating a wine cellar but didn’t have a lot of extra space in their home. After doing a little research and assessing the spaces available, they chose to use the closet under their stairs. With a good amount of planning they decided to take on the build-out and installation process themselves.

wine cellar cooling system

Remote ducted cooling system located in basement.

They started by determining what type of cooling system would work for their under stairs wine closet. After talking to Vigilant about multiple options they decided on a remote ducted cooling system that could be housed in their basement. This type of system pumps cool air through ducts into the cellar and returns the warm air away from the wine room with minimal noise.

Wine cellar vapor barrier and insulation

Left: Vapor barrier for keeping out moisture Right: Insulation added to walls

Next, they removed the old drywall, so they could insulate the walls and include a vapor barrier to keep moisture out of the room. Using a polyurethane vapor barrier, they covered the walls, ceiling and floor to protect the room. Next, they inserted a high R value insulation to help with temperature control. Once the walls were insulated a plywood base was placed on the walls to securely apply their decorative wood paneling to.

Making the task a little more difficult was staining all the Vigilant wine racks. The homeowners wanted to match the wood paneling walls, so they opted to purchase the racking unfinished and stain and lacquer all the components themselves. Afterwards, the homeowners commented that they should have had Vigilant match their custom stain, it would have saved them a lot painstaking time.

Custom finish on wine racking

Custom finished wine rack

Once all the wine racking pieces were finished and dried, the homeowners assembled the racks. The racks were securely attached to studs to keep them from tipping over. For the focal point of the room the homeowners chose a 5 column bead board arch top above a table top that provides a surface for decanting and serving wine.

Bead board archtop

Bead Board Archtop with LED display lighting

Next, they added the LED display lighting. Each ladder rack comes with a high reveal row and a light valance piece to conceal the wiring for the lights. Once all the lights were installed it was time to stock the cellar. Each wine bottle was strategically placed to correspond to the bottle in the display row to make it easier for the homeowners to sort and organize their collection. The final capacity for the room is 581 wine bottles.

Before and After wine cellar door

Wine cellar door with sidelights

The last piece was installing the pre-hung Vigilant Full Glass Square Door and sidelights. The wine inside the room is beautifully displayed and visible from the entertainment room through the full glass paneled door and sidelights. The door and sidelights not only look stylish but feature fully insulated, argon filled, glass panels and exterior grade weather stripping to protect the wine from opposing elements.

Now that the room is complete the homeowners are really enjoying the wine cellar. They mentioned that all their friends and family are very impressed with the final result and their handiwork.

Finished wine closet

Finished wine closet

To learn more about Vigilant wine closets visit us online or call us at 1-888-812-4427 and let one of our design experts help you take the first step in making your wine cellar a reality! Also, check out our NEW 3D DIY Wine Cellar Planner tool to help you design your wine cellar. It’s easy, free and fun to use!

Stunning Wine Rooms and their Before and After Transformations

Posted By on October 18, 2018

At Vigilant, we believe any space can be turned into the wine room of your dreams. Whether it’s a closet, pantry, spare bedroom, office, you name it, we’ve created it.  Our design experts can maximize the number of wine bottles stored, even in the smallest spaces. Over the past few years, we’ve worked on some amazing projects all over the country. Check out the stunning results of these wine room transformations below.

Wine cellar transformationWe’ll start with a home in Manchester, Maine where the homeowners wanted to create a functional wine room and tasting area in their unfinished basement. By insulating the walls, ceiling and floor the room was ready for storage and a cooling system. The homeowners chose a through wall cooling system powerful enough to cool up to 2,000 cubic feet. The room holds over 1,700 bottles using Vigilant’s Mahogany individual bottle racking and diamond bin storage. Additionally, the wine room features a slatted archtop with installed LED lighting over a stone counter top, hanging stemware holders and a tasting table perfect for entertaining guests.

Before and After wine cellar doorUnder stairs wine closet transformationOur next stop is in Springboro, Ohio where the homeowner turned the extra space under their stairs into the perfect wine closet.  They insulated, dry-walled and assembled everything themselves. Through a Vigilant Full Glass Square Door and sidelights, the wine room creates a nice focal point to the living room. For storage, the room utilizes our Estate Mahogany ladder racking and beadboard archtop that holds up to 581 wine bottles. Keeping the room in perfect condition is a ducted cooling system with an integrated humidifier.

Corner turned wine closetNext, we’ll head to Elmhurst, Illinois where this homeowner built a small wine room from scratch in a corner of their basement. They framed, dry-walled and insulated the 43’’ by 50’’ space and installed a through wall cooling system. They used our standard Classic wine racking, assembling and installing everything themselves. The room features an exterior grade Vigilant Classic Arch Glass Door that preserves the perfect environment and protects the wine from the elements. The wine room can hold up to 355 bottles using diamond bins and individual bottle racking with a high reveal display row.

Pantry turned wine closetNext up, is a pantry turned wine room in a home in Northpoint, Florida. The 55’’ x 60’’ closet uses a remote ducted cooling system, ensuring the wine is stored at the perfect temperature. The wine room uses individual bottle racks, diamond bins and scallop shelving and is capable of holding up to 480 bottles.

Wine room conversionwine cellar

Lastly, we move to a new construction project where the homeowner’s wanted a space for their dream wine room. Using a Vigilant Arch Door with sidelights the wine room can be viewed from anywhere in the homeowner’s entertaining space. The wine room features a diamond bin, ladder racking and curved corner wine storage all made from Mahogany and finished in a custom stain and lacquer. The room is well insulated allowing efficient use of a through-wall cooling system to maintain the perfect wine storage environment.

As you can see the possibilities are endless and we’re always excited to take on a new challenge. To learn more about our wine rooms & closets visit us online our call one of our design experts at 1-888-812-4427.

Introducing Vigilant’s New Wine Cellar Door Offerings

Posted By on October 1, 2018

We’re excited to announce that we have three new wine cellar door offerings. After doing countless research and listening to our customer’s feedback we have come up with three new door styles, Provincial, Rustic and Tuscan – that we’re sure you’re going to love. They are pre-hung, exterior grade with solid mahogany jambs, weather stripping and high R-value insulated glass to efficiently insulate and maintain the perfect environment for storing wine.

Square Rustic Wine Cellar Door

Rustic Door with window and iron grate.

The Rustic door is an improved version of our old Piedmont door. This door is made from a solid wood frame and features a center panel with thick profile lines to give it a rustic look. Add a window with iron grate and metal clavos to give the door and even more rustic appeal.

Tuscan wine cellar door

Tuscan Wine Cellar Door

The Tuscan door has a wood framed, insulated glass panel on top and a solid wood, raised panel on the lower third of the door. The glass panel is overlaid with heavy mullions creating the look of smaller window panes. The Tuscan door’s argon filled, insulated glass panel helps to keep your wine cellar at the optimum temperature for aging your fine wine.

Provincial Wine Cellar Door

Provincial door with rosette applique

Lastly, is the Provincial wine cellar door. This elegant door has a full glass panel with a decorative mid-rail panel. The panel comes with your choice of ornamental appliques that include a rosette or grape design. For an added charge, you can also have a custom initial made. The full glass door gives you and your guests a stunning view into your beloved wine cellar.

All Vigilant doors are created from high-quality materials and use time-tested construction like mortise and tenon joinery making them strong and durable. We use high R-Value insulated glass to protect your prized wine collection from the opposing environment. Additionally, all our doors come Pre-hung in solid wood jambs, use 1 ¾’’ wood frames and a weather stripping seal. As a reminder all our doors can be customized to your exact specifications including size, material, finish color, hardware and more. To learn more about our new door offerings visit our wine cellar door page.

Custom Double Sided Wine Cabinet for the Governor’s Club

Posted By on September 6, 2018

Governor's Club Wine Cabinet

The refrigerated wine cabinets are the focal point of the dining room at the Governor’s Club.

Our latest project was a custom wine cabinet we created for the prestigious Governor’s Club in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The cabinet is double sided with glass allowing club members to see the wine both in the hallway as they enter the restaurant and  within the dining room. This impressive unit consists of seven cabinets split into two cooling zones, one for white wine and one for red wine. The wine cabinet features ladder racking wine storage created from Mahogany and LED display lighting making the wine a focal point in the dining room.

Back of double sided wine cabinet

The hallway shows the backside of the refrigerated wine cabinet

 Project Features:

  • Mahogany exterior
  • Vigilant’s Ebony stain and matte lacquer
  • Insulated glass on both sides
  • Ladder racking with display row
  • LED display lighting
  • Dual cooling zones
  • Capacity – 917 wine bottles

To view our latest wine cabinet projects check out our gallery.

Vigilant Innovates with their New Wall Humidor

Posted By on May 22, 2018

Built-In Wall Humidor

Vigilant’s Original Built-In Wall Humidor

We first came up with the idea for the Reliance Wall Humidor after a client requested a “picture frame” humidor to be built into their preexisting millwork. Our designer came up with a great design and once we posted the results on our website we received a lot of positive feedback and people started requesting similar units. With this popularity, we decided to take it a step further and create a framed cabinet that could fit into the wall and look like a piece of artwork.

After several months of design and redesign our team of experts came up with four standard sized units that fit perfectly between two 16’’ on center studs. Our Systems Engineers had the challenge of creating a system small enough to fit within a depth of 6.5’’and humidify the top and bottom of the cabinet equally. After a lot of testing the system was small enough and powerful enough to evenly humidify the four cabinet sizes.

Vigilant's new Wall Humidors

Vigilant’s new Wall Humidors

The final result is a beautiful display piece that keeps cigars at the ideal humidity for enjoyment. The cabinets come with 2 standard trim options, flat or decorative or you can request your own custom trim. The units can also include dimmable LED lighting that uses a state-of-the-art touch control. All four cabinets feature adjustable Spanish Cedar shelving with clear fronts. The capacities of the Wall Humidor range from 325 to 725 loose cigars or can hold anywhere from 12-25 equal sized cigar boxes. If our standard sizes don’t work then our design experts can create a custom unit to meet your needs. To learn more about our Wall Humidors visit us online.