New Wine Cellar Project – Texas

| April 30, 2010

The Stevens’ wine cellar combines many custom elements including built-in wine racks surrounded by stonework and an entertaining area for decanting wine and dining. A truly unique feature of the wine cellar is the wine cabinetry built into the stonework on one of the interior walls. Total Capacity: 1,578 bottles Product Features Custom serving and […]

Where should I put my wine cellar?

| April 26, 2010

One of the first considerations when building a home wine cellar is where to put it. Two things should be paramount: convenience and temperature. Even the most beautiful and luxurious wine cellar won’t get used if it’s difficult to reach or far from your dining area. Temperature is a major factor. Wine keeps best in temperatures […]

New Wine Cellar Project – Dover, MA

| April 22, 2010

Complete with stonework and a custom built soffit around the entire wine cellar are just two features of this decorative cellar located in Dover, MA. The granite countertops also help to make the area perfect for decanting wine as well as long-term storage. One of the truly unique features is the custom wine cellar door […]

Where to Find Ideas for Home Wine Cellar Designs

| April 19, 2010

You’ve decided that a home wine cellar is something you’d like to build. You want to store your wine at a constant, cool temperature, be able to have the wine all together and like the thought of a stylish, wood-paneled wine cellar. But, where do you begin designing your room?   Libraries – Most public […]

New Wine Cellar Project – Quebec, Canada

| April 15, 2010

The Lavoie wine room features a custom wine room door with custom sidelights separated from the door to create an exquisite entrance to the wine room. Inside the room, there are custom storage bins and shelving, as well as, custom individual high reveal display rows on the individual wine racks and cabinetry. This wine room […]