What are some types of commercial wine display rack products?

| May 28, 2010

There are many other wine display options other than the traditional wine display rack. For instance, there are wine islands, freestanding wine display units that hold a large quantity of wine bottles and may be placed anywhere in the store. These flexible display units come in a variety of sizes and are circular or rectangular. […]

Restaurant Wine Storage

| May 17, 2010

Restaurants are about food, right? Wine is just an accompaniment to the wonderful things coming out of the kitchen. Well, yes and no. Wine can be a restaurant draw in its own right. Wine magazines, such as Wine Spectator, regularly rank restaurants around the country on the diversity and creativity of their wine lists. Other […]

New Wine Cellar Project – Idaho

| May 14, 2010

Installed by HST Group, LLC This custom wine cellar combines perfectly, the elements of a true custom wine cellar with a one of a kind wine tasting room. Enjoy the distinct design of the cascade and the multiple custom Tuscan doors. This cellar also a granite countertop that runs the entire length of the racking. […]

New Wine Cellar Project – Seaford, DE

| May 7, 2010

This complete custom wine cellar features a cascade and custom table with stemware display at the end. The wine cellar is tastefully lit with track lighting to keep the heat away from the bottles and accent the ttwo pieces of artwork that provide focal points to the room. In addition to the accent pieces, this […]

Why Build a Wine Cellar?

| May 3, 2010

No longer limited to the wealthy, home wine cellars are now an affordable option for most homeowners. That little-used closet might make an ideal site for a home wine cellar, as can a spare bedroom or section of the basement. Why should you build a separate wine cellar? Avoid the heat . First of all, […]