New Wine Cellar Project – Peterborough, NH

| October 29, 2010

The Finlay wine cellar is a modern marvel of craftsmanship and architecture. From the custom built bar area, to the gorgeous furniture of the wine tasting and entertaining room to the deep cavernous stone of the wine cellar, the Finlay wine cellar has it all and Vigilant is proud to have worked on this with […]

Italian Wine Classification

| October 22, 2010

If you’ve ever studied an Italian bottle of wine, you may have noticed some letters like DOC, DOCG, IGT or VdT. These letters are used in Italy’s designation system and will give some insight into the quality and origin of the wine. This system is similar to the French classification system, formed during a time […]

How do I make the most of a small wine room?

| October 14, 2010

Ideally a home wine cellar can be a large area, filled with spacious wine racks. But in reality, not every homeowner has the space–or the funds–for such a large cellar. Additionally, not everyone can afford the wine to fill such a space. If your home wine cellar is on the small side, consider these tips for making the […]

Health Benefits of Wine

| October 8, 2010

All of those bottles in your wine cellar may actually hold health benefits. Medical research suggests wine could be good for the heart, bones and even the mind. Benefits from wine were questioned when researchers studied the French, who manage to stay healthy despite a diet high in cheese and fat. Their secret is moderate […]

New Wine Cellar Project – Greenville, DE

| October 1, 2010

Rockland Architects designed this truly magnificent custom wine cellar and tasting room. The tasting room sits right outside the glass enclosed wine cellar and allows the home owner to entertain conveniently near his collection in the wine cellar. This custom wine cellar features custom individual wine racks and custom countertops in granite. The room features […]