5 Reasons We’re Grateful in 2020

2020 has been challenging for all of us, but there’s still much to be grateful for. While we’ve weathered difficult and joyful milestones in our 25 years, our commitment to quality and craftsmanship has never faltered. Our stellar team, from sales to design, production, and shipping, has made what we do possible. Then there’s our fabulous customers, but we’ll get to you in a moment. 

So here, in no particular order, are five things we at Vigilant are grateful for this past year. 

Vigilant Turns 25

Reaching this milestone in the midst of a once-in-a-century pandemic has kept us mindful of our past and focused even more on the resiliency of our employees, our customers, and our product.

“I think the biggest thing about Vigilant is the craftmanship and the quality of the product, and the quality of detail from start to finish. From our design workers, to our programmers, to our builders, to our finishers, you’re going to get a level of customer service before and after you’ve received our cabinetry I don’t think you’re going to get from other companies.”

– Blake, Vigilant Cabinetmaker (Humidors)

Vigilant has come a long way from its founding, but our core principles remain. As our President, Charlie Griffiths stated, “Our mission is to help people protect their passions; provide a quality product, provide a quality work environment for our employees, and do well and do good. It’s an easy mantra to follow because everything in that concept is complimentary.”

Check out our 5-part digital series that explores our founding, challenges, craftmanship, and what we’re looking forward to in 2021!

Humidification System Redesign

As a humidor technology trailblazer, our integrated electronic humidification systems have provided the best in home and commercial cigar storage for decades.

Along with automatically displaying and maintaining the humidity level of your humidor as they’ve always done, our systems have been redesigned and include:

  • New modular controls that can be separated from the reservoir to fit a range of applications
  • Detachable electronic control housing that allows for a larger capacity reservoir 
  • redesigned reservoir featuring a more durable, seamless plastic construction
  • sensor stabilization mode that provides easier calibration and less start-up fluctuation (Guardian models only)

Whether you want to upgrade your current humidor, purchase a new one, or you’re starting a DIY project and building one from scratch, our redesigned systems are ideal choices and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Launch 2021 in style!

COVID-19 Face Shield Project

In the earliest days of the ongoing pandemic, Vigilant dedicated its manufacturing team, technology, and equipment to fashioning face shields for first responders and essential workers.

Our Prez appears on I’d Tap That Cigar Podcast

In 2020 we collaborated with online influencers and enthusiasts in the fields of cigar and wine. Kevin Shahan of Cigar Prop hosts a weekly virtual podcast featuring notable guests and co-hosts, and our president Charlie Griffiths appeared on the show in December.

Kevin also did a review of our redesigned Guardian 10 humidification system; we’re looking forward to more opportunities to collaborate in 2021!

Customer Testimonials

We love hearing from clients about how much they enjoy their humidors, wine cellars, and wine cabinets! Here’s just some of the feedback we’ve received:

I visited the Vigilant factory as part of my background work to select a wine room supplier. I was impressed with professional equipment and space that they have to make the cabinets and racks. The racks were easy to assemble and Vigilant answered my questions quickly.

– Nick, Medfield, MA

I’ve gotten SO many compliments on this…it’s been just about a year now since you guys built it! 

Danny – Beverly Hills, CA

We’re also grateful for this amazing video testimonial from Renick (with a camera assist from his daughter!) who shares some insight on his humidor purchase and more.

As Renick so kindly stated: “I can’t imagine how difficult things are right now for a small company operating in 2020/COVID19 times.  I have been so incredibly impressed with every single person I have dealt with at Vigilant.  There is a reason some small companies are so much better than the large corporations with deep pocketbooks and seemingly unlimited resources…it always comes down to the people.  You have some amazing ones at Vigilant!”

 Stay tuned to 2021 and future collaborations!

More snippets

Our president Charlie and cabinetmaker Rob travelled to New York to install a wall of wine lockers at Brooklyn Point, a 68 story mixed-use condominium and retail complex, complete with the highest pool in the Western Hemisphere.

Getting these lockers into the building for install was a feat in itself, as you can see from the photos below.

Here’s a time-lapse of the installation process:

We’re looking forward to sharing more about the project and installation with you in 2021!

Wood Diamond Awards

Vigilant was happy to receive several awards from the Cabinet Makers Association – including Residential Wine Storage under $25k in Ipswich, MA, and another Residential project over $25k in San Francisco, CA.

Last, but NOT least…


Our customers, whether new or returning, have been with us throughout this entire year. We continue to be grateful that they choose Vigilant’s products to protect and feature their passions, often creating focal points in their homes, hotels, restaurants, or clubs where friends and family can gather (safely!).

Remember to like, follow, and subscribe to our social media and newsletter as we have some exciting new products and initiatives to announce in the next few months!

So, to our cigar aficionados and wine connoisseurs, thanks for being part of the Vigilant family. A toast, and a smoke to you!

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