Add Dimension to Storage With Wine Cubes

Looking for a stylish alternative to traditional wine racks? Wine cubes are a great way to add a new dimension to your wine storage. They can easily be incorporated into any commercial design along with traditional wine racking, but also make great storage for residential settings, restaurants and wine cellars, too.

The wine cube inserts are fully interchangeable, making their options endless. They can be stacked or mounted to the wall for a contemporary look. Convex and concave cubes are available with diamond or cubbie inserts. When mixed and matched together, they create a great visual display that resembles a wave-like pattern. Vigilant offers several accessories, including side shelves and end shelves to display wine bottles using cubes.

As another option, Vigilant has packages available including a wave end table, side table or island. These items double as furniture and wine storage in one and are a stylish addition to any room.

Here are some ways wine cubes can be used in retail settings:
State of NH, Hampstead

Vino di Vino, MA

Bottles, RI

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