Choosing a Cigar Humidor

Considering a cigar humidor? Here are some steps to help determine the best size and style to fit your needs.

Armoire style display cigar humidor Collection Size
Determine how many cigars you want to store and the size of your cigar collection. Our end tables store 300 to 1,500 cigars; our armoires 1,000 to 2,000 cigars and our display cabinets 1,000 to 2,000 cigars. Consider future growth of your collection.

Consider where the humidor will be located and the décor of the room. Do you like traditional or contemporary styles? Will temperature and humidity affect your humidor? If so, consider a cigar cabinet with temperature control.

Wood & Finish
The wood and finish of a cigar humidor will give it character and make it unique. Vigilant uses mahogany as a standard exterior wood because it is mold, decay and mildew resistant. Other custom wood types include cherry, walnut and oak are available.

Humidor interiors are built using Spanish cedar for the drawers to enhance the cigars’ taste, while mahogany is used to line the cabinets. Humidors can be completed with a choice of finish like our Shaker Maple, Chestnut, Cordovan or Ebonized Black.

Interior Components
Think about whether you will be storing loose cigars and will need bins with dividers, available in end tables and display cabinets. For long-term storage, shelves work well and are available in end tables, armoires and displays.

Your choice should ultimately be based on your personal preferences and what will store your cigar collection the best.

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  1. MaryMatt says:

    Thank you for the tips you have provided here to choose a humidor. If we are planning to store cigars humidors are the best option. I totally agree with point you have mentioned last, we must choose the best humidor which will be pleasing to us.

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