Kinds of Commercial Wine Storage

Wine storage in retail wine and hospitality settings should not only store wine properly, but make it readily available to customers. There are several commercial wine storage options for restaurants, retail stores and wineries that maximize storage space and complement any decor.

A retail wine display.

Display Kits
Display kits are designed to effectively and efficiently provide retail wine storage with a variety of options in cabinets, inserts, tabletops and accessories. These kits are modular, flexible and durable enough for retail traffic.

Wine Racks
Wine racks offer a more traditional look in a commercial or retail space, but can showcase wine well using displays or half height racks. Choose mahogany for high-quality, durable wine racks that accept stain well and are non-aromatic.

Wine Cubes
Wine cubes can be used in both commercial and residential settings where traditional wine racks may not fit. They can be stacked or mounted to the wall to maximize storage space. Add accessories to easily showcase selections for customers.
*View our online Retail Wine Cube Portfolio for some examples of how wine cubes were used in commercial settings.

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