Custom Hexagonal Wine Cabinet

Vigilant Inc. craftsmen work on the hexagonal cabinet in the shop, pictured unfinished prior to stain and lacquer.

Vigilant Inc. custom designed and built this hexagonal refrigerated wine cabinet for a hotel in India. Storing 36 bottles, this mahogany cabinet with chestnut and lacquer finish is 48″ by 42″ in size. The cabinet is fully insulated with dual pane, Argon filled glass and features Vintage View wine racks for storage. Wine will be stored at a consistent temperature in the cabinet’s single zone, which also has a digitally controlled refrigeration system. Finishing touches include standard bar pulls, locks and self catch hardware.

This is just one example of how Vigilant Inc. can design refrigerated wine cabinets or wine lockers for a variety of applications for both residential and commercial settings. These cabinets are heirloom quality, built right in our New England facility by skilled woodworkers who pay the utmost attention to detail. The quality is visible in the craftsmanship of their work.

Refrigerated wine cabinets and lockers provide quiet, vibration free wine storage without the space needed and the cost of a traditional wine cellar build-out. Vigilant Inc. can design and build refrigerated wine cabinets to meet your requirements, including built-in or free standing units.

The finished hexagonal cabinet with chestnut and satin lacquer finish getting ready to be shipped to India.

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