How Do I Design A Wall Wine Rack Display?

Bin & individual wine racks effectively store wine in this wine cellar.

Wall wine racks are the major component in a home wine cellar. The racks display the wine, allow you to keep track of your inventory and keep the wine horizontal (the ideal position for wine storage). There are many different types of wall racks, however.

Combining a few different kinds will give you flexibility in your storage area as well as create an interesting display. Some types of wall wine racks include:

Individual Wine Display Racks – These type of wine storage racks are made to cradle each bottle individually, making it easy to reach and identify each bottle. We have individual wine display racks available in Classic and Estate heights.

Bin or Case Wine Storage – Designed to hold larger quantities or wooden cases of wine. This is the most efficient use of space in a wine cellar, but bin storage makes it difficult to identify individual bottles at a glance because of the lack of display options.

Vintage View Wine Racks – These racks hold individual bottles suspended from side to side, rather than from front to back. They are a stylish way to display wine and also allow air to circulate around the wine bottles, an advantage in aging wine properly.

Using a combination of these wall wine storage racks will add flair without overpowering the room. See our Wine Cellar Gallery for examples of these elements working together to form displays.

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