How do I make the most of a small wine room?

Ideally a home wine cellar can be a large area, filled with spacious wine racks. But in reality, not every homeowner has the space–or the funds–for such a large cellar. Additionally, not everyone can afford the wine to fill such a space. If your home wine cellar is on the small side, consider these tips for making the most of a small wine room:

1.  Think vertically. Make sure to use all of the space, from floor to ceiling.

2.  Forego seating for storage. While a table and a couple of chairs are a nice extra in a wine room, if you have to choose between seating and storage, choose storage. After all, having a place for your wine is the true purpose of a wine cellar.

3.  Store most of your wine in cases. Display wine racks that hold individual bottles are stylish and a great way to easily view your wine inventory, but they hold fewer bottles per foot than wine cases.  Incorporate the wine cases in the design by leaving framed wooden compartments for the boxes.


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