How to Choose a Cigar Humidor

You don’t have to be a cigar aficionado to choose a cigar humidor, and there are several options available at reasonable prices. Keep a few simple points in mind and you’ll find a humidor to meet your cigar storage needs.

Choice of materials is consistently the first factor in selecting a good humidor. Spanish cedar lining is overwhelmingly the first choice and for good reason. It absorbs water well and keeps moisture levels consistent. It is warp-resistant and will keep a good seal.

Mahogany is another alternative, not only for aesthetic reasons but for function as well. It is pricier, however and usually used on the exterior of the humidor with a Spanish cedar lining.

Larger humidors as well as those of lower quality will sometimes use plastic, synthetic wood or metal. These materials are not recommended. None of them are superior to wood, especially mahogany.

The humidor should seal well but it doesn’t need to be airtight. Some airflow should be present to avoid the growth of fungus. A humidification system should keep just the right amount of moisture present at all times.

Humidity System
The next important part of a good cigar humidor is the humidity system. There are two parts: the unit that releases and absorbs water (humidifier) and a mechanism to measure the humidity level (hygrometer).

The humidifier is a small sponge soaked with distilled water. Propylene glycol may be added to alter the aerated water exchange. The sponge may be contained in a small basket-like unit and attached to the lid via a magnet or Velcro.

Temperature control is important so cigars are stored in optimum conditions. More expensive humidors may have a self-contained thermal control unit. However, in the average cigar smoker’s home meeting the ideal 68°F/20°C mark isn’t difficult due to modern air conditioning and heating systems.

The last element to consider is the size of the humidor. Smokers who enjoy smoking cigars once in a while will need only a small cigar cabinet designed to hold 10 to 20 cigars. This not only keeps the expense down, but simplifies humidity and temperature regulation. Cigar aficionados will want a cigar cabinet larger in size that can easily hold 100 to 400 cigars.

Deciding on a humidor ultimately comes down to personal preference. With an assortment of styles, individual taste is as important as selecting a cigar itself.

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  1. DoyleSandberg says:

    Cigar humidors are useful if you are a regular smoker. They are used to store cigar for long time.during travels etc. So proper care must be taken before choosing the humidors.

  2. ReginaldHarmon says:

    Cigar humidors are very important if you are a constant cigar smoker. Cigars cannot be kept as normal cigarettes. You have provided good details of what the humidors should be.

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