New Retail Project – BOKX 109

This high-end restaurant located in a posh hotel just outside of Boston desired a custom built display for their high quality wines and cigars that was climate controlled and turned to the experts here at Vigilant to deliver. They wanted to be able to store whites, champagne and reds effectively as well as some high quality cigars.

Vigilant designed a state-of-the-art custom set of cabinets delivered in multiple banks with the ability to cool and properly humidify both the wine and cigars at the optimal settings. Included with this, Vigilant provided the restaurant with individual custom built cigar lockers to sell storage space to their patrons.

Vigilant arch wine cellar door

Custom Wine Cellar with custom Viglant wood arched wine cellar doors.

Vigilant wine racks and wine tables

Vigilant wine racks, half and full height tables fill the multi room wine cellar

Total Capacity: 1,092 bottles

Product Features

  • Locking, climate controlled multiple zone storage
  • Interior display lighting and slideout shelving
  • Dual pane glass paneled doors designed to maintain the R-value for the cabinets

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