New Wine Cellar Project – Quebec, Canada

The Lavoie wine room features a custom wine room door with custom sidelights separated from the door to create an exquisite entrance to the wine room. Inside the room, there are custom storage bins and shelving, as well as, custom individual high reveal display rows on the individual wine racks and cabinetry.

This wine room is designed to maximize the storage of wine in a small space. There are multiple decorative touches that add to the ambiance of the completed wine room as well.

Lavoie Wine Cellar Lavoie Wine Cellar
Lavoie Wine Cellar Lavoie Wine Cellar

Total Capacity: 1,210 bottles

Product Features

  • High reveal display boxes
  • Display lighting on individual wine racks
  • Custom designed wine room focal point
  • Custom wine room door and sidelights

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