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Our namesake the Baltimore Clipper Schooner, "Vigilant" sailed commercially on the world's oceans for over 130 years. For us here at Vigilant it represents superior design, durability, dependability and value. All of our wine cellars, wine racks, wine cellar doors, wine cabinets and lockers, custom cabinetry and millwork, and cigar cabinets that bear the Vigilant name are crafted with those values in mind. We build our products using the finest materials and craftsmanship for the enjoyment of our customers.

Custom Double Sided Wine Cabinet for the Governor’s Club

Posted By on September 6, 2018

Governor's Club Wine Cabinet

The refrigerated wine cabinets are the focal point of the dining room at the Governor’s Club.

Our latest project was a custom wine cabinet we created for the prestigious Governor’s Club in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The cabinet is double sided with glass allowing club members to see the wine both in the hallway as they enter the restaurant and  within the dining room. This impressive unit consists of seven cabinets split into two cooling zones, one for white wine and one for red wine. The wine cabinet features ladder racking wine storage created from Mahogany and LED display lighting making the wine a focal point in the dining room.

Back of double sided wine cabinet

The hallway shows the backside of the refrigerated wine cabinet

 Project Features:

  • Mahogany exterior
  • Vigilant’s Ebony stain and matte lacquer
  • Insulated glass on both sides
  • Ladder racking with display row
  • LED display lighting
  • Dual cooling zones
  • Capacity – 917 wine bottles

To view our latest wine cabinet projects check out our gallery.

Vigilant Innovates with their New Wall Humidor

Posted By on May 22, 2018

Built-In Wall Humidor

Vigilant’s Original Built-In Wall Humidor

We first came up with the idea for the Reliance Wall Humidor after a client requested a “picture frame” humidor to be built into their preexisting millwork. Our designer came up with a great design and once we posted the results on our website we received a lot of positive feedback and people started requesting similar units. With this popularity, we decided to take it a step further and create a framed cabinet that could fit into the wall and look like a piece of artwork.

After several months of design and redesign our team of experts came up with four standard sized units that fit perfectly between two 16’’ on center studs. Our Systems Engineers had the challenge of creating a system small enough to fit within a depth of 6.5’’and humidify the top and bottom of the cabinet equally. After a lot of testing the system was small enough and powerful enough to evenly humidify the four cabinet sizes.

Vigilant's new Wall Humidors

Vigilant’s new Wall Humidors

The final result is a beautiful display piece that keeps cigars at the ideal humidity for enjoyment. The cabinets come with 2 standard trim options, flat or decorative or you can request your own custom trim. The units can also include dimmable LED lighting that uses a state-of-the-art touch control. All four cabinets feature adjustable Spanish Cedar shelving with clear fronts. The capacities of the Wall Humidor range from 325 to 725 loose cigars or can hold anywhere from 12-25 equal sized cigar boxes. If our standard sizes don’t work then our design experts can create a custom unit to meet your needs. To learn more about our Wall Humidors visit us online.

Vigilant Helps Landmark Restaurant with its Wine Experience

Posted By on April 5, 2018

Captain Anderson’s is an award winning restaurant that’s been a staple on Florida’s Gulf Coast since 1967. Growing year after year, it now brings in over a quarter million customers every season. It is no wonder that with that level of business they were in need of a wine storage solution that could hold upwards of 2,000 bottles.

custom Mahognay wine cellarIn this day and age, it’s crucial for restaurants to properly store and prominently display their wine offerings to their customers. If it’s not in the forefront then a restaurant could be missing out on a huge opportunity to sell their wine.  Captain Anderson’s Restaurant knows this firsthand, for years they were keeping their high-end wines in coolers in their office area, out of site from patrons. The owner, Yonnie Patronis explained, “as a result we had great wines, but they were not displayed and many customers never realized the caliber of wines we had on site.”  With this top of mind, he reached out to Vigilant for help in creating a functional and stylish wine room.

Being experts in commercial wine storage, we were thrilled to take on the project. Captain Anderson’s had the perfect footprint, an old arcade and game room that had been rarely used since the increased use of iPhones and iPads. Vigilant’s owner, Charles Griffiths went down to the restaurant to assess the layout and make recommendations on how to design and cool the space.  Upon his return, our expert designers started diligently working on the perfect layout. After several revisions the restaurant was pleased with the design and were ready to move forward with the construction.

Custom glass etching on wine cellar doorsOur skilled craftsman handcrafted the components of the wine cellar from Mahogany and finished them in our Chestnut stain and lacquer. The wine cellar includes our functional ladder racking with display rows for easy bottle organization. It also features custom cabinetry, diamond bins and bulk storage for their magnum size wine bottles. Entrance to the wine cellar is through Vigilant Classic French Square Doors that feature beautiful custom sailboat etchings. In order to ensure the ideal storage environment for hundreds of rare vintage wines, like a 1962 Petrus and a 1959 Chateau La Mission Haut-Brion, the wine cellar needed the perfect cooling system. Vigilant recommended a commercial grade ducted cooling system powerful enough to cool up to 3,000 cubic feet.

Mr. Patronis is very pleased with the final result and in the short few months since the wine cellar’s completion, he has already seen an increase in their wine sales.  Now that the wine is at the forefront, “It is much more effective, a customer can walk into the cellar and go window shopping.  They can grab any bottle before dinner and we will be glad to present and serve it with dinner,” stated Mr. Patronis. The restaurant also hosts a 100 member wine club, which Mr. Patronis hopes to see grow as customers see the exceptional wines being housed in the new wine room. To learn more about Vigilant and our commercial wine storage options visit us online.

Vigilant Custom Commercial Projects of 2017

Posted By on February 27, 2018

2017 was a great year at Vigilant, it was full of beautiful and unique commercial projects from hotels to retail store displays. That’s why we put together a list to highlight these one-of-a-kind wine storage solutions. These projects were not possible without our knowledgeable design team and skilled craftsman. Year after year our team continues to push the limits in the wine storage industry. Every request can be customized to match any décor from materials and finish to shelving and lighting.

The Ritz Carlton Chicago White Ash, dual sided wine cabinets.

The Ritz Carlton Chicago White Ash, dual sided wine cabinets.

Ritz Carlton, Chicago

Project Scope: Create a bank of custom cabinets to match the new décor of the recently renovated hotel. The cabinet needed to include glass doors to allow for access on both the lobby side and restaurant side.

Materials: White Ash, white wash finish, mahogany interior, insulated glass doors, black finished metal wine racking and satin brass hardware.

Unique Features: Double sided glass doors, custom wood species and red and white wine cooling zones

Cooling System: Top mount ducted system

Bottle Capacity: 960 bottles

Frameless glass wine lockers at Larsen's Steakhouse

Frameless glass wine lockers at Larsen’s Steakhouse in La Jolla, CA.

Larsen’s Steakhouse

Project Scope: Design custom wine lockers for the brand new steakhouse that could accommodate 56 members in tight hallway.

Unique Features: Frameless glass doors and chrome lock and key hardware

Materials: Mahogany exterior, frameless glass doors), chrome hardware, LED lighting and mahogany racking

Cooling System: Ducted Split

Locker Count: 56 individual lockers

Bottle Capacity: 1,120 bottles

Custom wine cabinet with gold interior

Custom wine cabinets match the champagne room decor at Del Frisco’s Chicago.

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse – Chicago

Project Scope: The restaurant had just added a modern champagne lounge above their restaurant and needed cabinets capable to store and chill Champagne.

Unique Features: Custom interior and exterior, brass metal accent strips on interior shelving, metal clad exterior

Materials: Mahogany exterior with metal clad finish, Brass metal accent strips, gold paint and brass hardware

Cooling System: Ducted split cooling system

Bottle Capacity: 140 bottles

custom Mahognay wine cellar

Custom Mahogany wine cellar at Captain Anderson’s.

Captain Anderson’s Restaurant and Waterfront Market

Project Scope: This landmark waterfront restaurant on Florida’s gulf coast needed to revamp their space and include a wine cellar big enough to keep up with their growing customer base.

Unique Features: Custom cabinetry and custom French doors wiith anchor glass etching

Materials: Mahogany, metal wine racking and insulated glass doors

Cooling System: Ducted cooling system

Bottle Capacity: 2,000 bottles

retail wine display shelving

Retail wine display shelving for Reveler Beverage Company.

Reveler Beverage Company

Project Scope: The brand new wine and spirt store was in need of display shelving that could organize yet maximize for the stores large inventory.

Unique Features: Custom laminate with matching wood accents, custom Formica tabletops and POS desk area

Materials: Solid Oak and Oak laminate

Bottle Capacity: 5,000+ bottles

Lodge Kohler custom wine lockers

Lodge Kohler custom wine lockers at the entrance of Taverne in the Sky.

Lodge Kohler

Project Scope: The brand new hotel adjacent to “Lambeau Field” was in need of wine display cabinets for their restaurant that could cool both red and white wines.

Unique Features: Red and white wine cooling zones, label forward metal racking

Materials: Mahogany, black metal wine racking, High R-Value insulated glass and oil rubbed bronze hardware

Bottle Capacity: 660 bottles

To learn more about how Vigilant can help with your commercial wine storage project visit us online.

Vigilant Cigar Humidification System on the World’s Largest Residential Yacht

Posted By on January 17, 2018

Vigilant's client, The World Residences at Sea Yacht

When we think of cigars we usually associate them with luxury, it’s an indulgence usually enjoyed while golfing, celebrating, sailing etc. It was no surprise that the prestigious “World at Sea” yacht would want a humidor cabinet to store cigars for its patrons to enjoy while aboard.  The yacht is the largest private residential ship in the world consisting of 165 residences and endless amenities – 6 restaurants, a fitness center, a spa, an art gallery, a library, a cigar club and much more.  The vessel gives its residents a luxurious lifestyle with the opportunity to wake up in a new part of the world every few days.

A Residence on the Yacht

The yacht had previous challenges with its original humidification system and cabinetry when they reached out to Vigilant for help. Having worked on a humidor for another yacht previously,” The King Baby,” we knew the mechanics involved behind the scenes to make it work properly. There are a lot of things to consider when creating a humidor for a ship because of the constant motion it endures while at sea.

Vigilant Humidification System

The Vigilant System keeps the cigars at the perfect temperature and Relative Humidity.

Once we determined the challenges, we designed a ducted humidification system to resolve the issues. Since the yacht is constantly moving we needed to prevent any possible spillage from the water reservoir. By using a special absorbent material, the unit can hold water up to 100 times its own weight to prevent any overflow. We also included smart sensor that can accurately adjust to make sure the humidity doesn’t get more than 2% above or below the desired Relative Humidity level. The final humidification system was installed by a Vigilant team member to make sure everything was fitted and working properly.

The World at Sea now has a perfectly functioning cigar humidor for all of its passengers to enjoy. To learn more about Vigilant Cigar Humidors and Humidification Systems please visit us online at https://vigilantinc.com/cigar-humidors/.