Residential Project: California Wine Room

BEFORE: the wine room space.

Residential customers in Sherman Oaks, CA wanted to transform an unused area under their stairs into a small, yet functional wine storage area. Spaces like this one or unused closets are perfect locations for housing smaller wine collections.

The team from RWT Design & Construction of Burbank, CA first insulated the space to help regulate temperature and humidity in the space.

The wine room is insulated.

Next, they installed the frame, glass doors and a cooling system to allow for optimum wine storage conditions.

These customers will be able to store more than 600 bottles in their wine room, including larger and smaller bottles that don’talways fit in standard wine racks. The RWT team was able to utilize niches at the tops of the racks for the larger bottles and some racking spacers to store the smaller ones. The room is approximately 8′ wide, 6′ deep and 9′ tall at one end, 5′ tall at the other (due to the stairs).

AFTER: the wine room is ready to store wine.

Recessed lighting adds a nice touch to the wine room and highlights the creative use of space. Many customers don’t think a wine cellar is possible in their home because they don’t think they have enough space. Small wine rooms and wine closets make residential wine storage a possibility when space is limited. This is just one example of how unused space can be beautifully transformed to store your wine collection!

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