Restaurant Wine Storage

Restaurants are about food, right? Wine is just an accompaniment to the wonderful things coming out of the kitchen. Well, yes and no. Wine can be a restaurant draw in its own right. Wine magazines, such as Wine Spectator, regularly rank restaurants around the country on the diversity and creativity of their wine lists. Other ranking organizations, such as AAA and Mobil Guides, require a restaurant to have a well-conceived wine list in order to quality for their highest rankings.

Commercial wine display racks in a restaurant’s dining room inform guests that a restaurant is serious about wine. Having a separate wine-tasting room located in or just away from the dining area adds an extra bit of panache and style. It also provides a temperature-controlled and secure place to store the wine inventory.

Commercial wine display racks also make it easy for the wine steward and dining room servers to access a chosen wine. No diner wants to wait 15 minutes or more while the staff goes searching for that particular bottle.

Wine display racks in restaurants also solve a major design problem. Using wine as decoration is functional and stylish.

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