Retail Wine Storage

wine storage for wine stores

Wine storage is as important as display in restaurants and retail wine stores. Keeping wine at a constant temperature and humidity level is essential. In addition, wine needs to be kept away from dramatic temperature fluctuations. This can be a challenge for a store owner with a large quantity of wine.

Ideally, wine should be kept at approximately 55 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 percent humidity. Wine served in restaurants can be chilled or brought up to room temperature just before serving.

A variety of retail wine storage products can help business owners preserve their wine inventory. Among these are:

  • Walk-in commercial wine coolers – For wine stores and restaurants that carry a large — and expensive — wine inventory, a walk-in cooler, in the back of the restaurant or store, allows for easy access in a controlled environment.
  • Free-standing commercial wine coolers – Wine coolers, with glass doors, are a good way for a wine store to display its finer wines while still maintaining a proper storage temperature.
  • Wine tasting rooms for restaurants – A wine tasting room displays a restaurant’s wine acumen to diners, keeps the wine inventory secure, and allows wine to be stored at the proper temperature and humidity.

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