What are New England wine cellars?

| December 3, 2010

New England wine cellars are top-of-the-line, custom-designed commercial or residential wine cellars. Based on a concept created in Connecticut, these elegant wine tasting rooms are noted for their hand-crafted wood cabinetry and elegant details, such as moldings and hardware. Planning New England Wine Cellars The process of planning this wine cellar for your home or business begins […]

New Wine Cellar Project – Peterborough, NH

| October 29, 2010

The Finlay wine cellar is a modern marvel of craftsmanship and architecture. From the custom built bar area, to the gorgeous furniture of the wine tasting and entertaining room to the deep cavernous stone of the wine cellar, the Finlay wine cellar has it all and Vigilant is proud to have worked on this with […]

New Wine Cellar Project – Greenville, DE

| October 1, 2010

Rockland Architects designed this truly magnificent custom wine cellar and tasting room. The tasting room sits right outside the glass enclosed wine cellar and allows the home owner to entertain conveniently near his collection in the wine cellar. This custom wine cellar features custom individual wine racks and custom countertops in granite. The room features […]

The Best Temperatures to Serve Wine

| September 21, 2010

The best temperature to serve wine depends upon the wine’s weight or body. Lighter red and white wines (think pinot noir or sauvignon blanc) should be served at lower temperatures than fuller-bodied, wines like chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon or merlot. Serving a wine at its optimum temperature improves flavor, aroma and structure (how it feels in […]

New Wine Cellar Project – Quebec, Canada

| April 15, 2010

The Lavoie wine room features a custom wine room door with custom sidelights separated from the door to create an exquisite entrance to the wine room. Inside the room, there are custom storage bins and shelving, as well as, custom individual high reveal display rows on the individual wine racks and cabinetry. This wine room […]