Anatomy of a Refrigerated Wine Cabinet

| April 3, 2014

An elegant restaurant experience is created through a combination of dining room atmosphere, food presentation, interesting flavors, and wine. For clubs and restaurants with large wine collections, this means keeping wine bottles at perfect temperatures for serving and for long term storage. An increasingly popular appliance for the industry is the refrigerated wine cabinet. If […]

What is wine cellar furniture and do I need it?

| April 13, 2009

While not essential, adding a few pieces of furniture when you draw up your wine cellar design can add a cozy touch to the room and give you a convenient place to sit and sip your wine. A table and a few chairs is usually sufficient. Vigilant offers a complete line of wine cellar tables […]

Vigilant’s Wine Storage Tip: Wine Temperature

| April 13, 2009

Why is controlling wine storage temperature important? Maintaining a constant, cool temperature is the best way to preserve your wine collection. Avoid temperatures over 70 degrees Fahrenheit, as that will age wine too rapidly. Also stay away from drastic changes in temperature. The rapid change from heat to air conditioning will force a wine cork […]

Vigilant’s Wine Storage Tip: Lighting

| April 13, 2009

What kind of lighting should I use in my wine cellar? Lighting is an essential component to any home wine cellar design. After all, you want to be able to view your wine inventory easily. You certainly don’t want a prized bottle languishing in the corner of your cellar past its prime. You’ll also want […]