Which Wines Age Best in a Wine Cellar?

| January 27, 2011

Looking to store some wine in your wine cellar but not sure how long you should let it age? Here is a guide to storing common types of wine. It’s important to note that these aging suggestions are just a guide and are determined assuming the wine is stored under ideal conditions. Wine that is stored […]

The Best Way to Learn About Wine is By Tasting It

| January 19, 2011

Anyone who knows about wine will tell you there’s no better way to learn about it than through the senses. This means tasting, smelling and analyzing. There is a lot to learn and wine tastings are the best way to affordably taste a variety of wines. Company representatives can also offer their knowledge and recommendations. […]

Wentworth by the Sea

| January 7, 2011

One of the nicest and most luxurious resort hotels in all of New England, The Wentworth by the Sea turned to Vigilant to create a bank of custom wine cabinets in their main dining area to showcase the collection of fine wine and to separate the dining area from the hostess station. Vigilant designed a […]

Italian Wine Varietals: Whites

| December 28, 2010

Here are some common and popular white Italian varietals and their characteristics. Arneis Arneis, which means “little rascal” because it is sometimes difficult to grow, comes from Piedmont. It is part of the DOC group of wines and is sometimes blended with Nebbiolo grapes. Arneis characteristics: crisp, floral, dry and full-bodied; notes of apricots and […]

Popular Italian Varietals: Reds

| November 19, 2010

There are hundreds of varietals in Italy, with more than 350 authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Here is a look at some of the most common Italian varietals and their characteristics. This post focuses on red wines. Barbera Barbera is the most common grape grown in the Piedmont and southern Lombardy areas […]