What are New England wine cellars?

New England wine cellars are top-of-the-line, custom-designed commercial or residential wine cellars. Based on a concept created in Connecticut, these elegant wine tasting rooms are noted for their hand-crafted wood cabinetry and elegant details, such as moldings and hardware.

Planning New England Wine Cellars

The process of planning this wine cellar for your home or business begins with a consultation with a wine cellar designer. Most companies that deal in custom wine cellars have a person or a design team on staff. After explaining your budget and your ideas to the designer, he or she will then create a 3-D CAD plan of your proposed New England wine cellar. The design will include cabinets, lighting, the entrance way, and other features.

Creating your New England Wine Cellar

After your approval, the wine cellar supplier will start creating the components for your custom wine cellar–the cabinets, wine cellar door, moldings, the temperature control system and any extras. Four to six weeks is a reasonable time to allow before the pieces for your wine cellar arrive at your home, or business, for your contractor to install.


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