What Are the Best Woods for Wine Racks?

At Vigilant Inc., we choose the best materials for our wine storage products so they will last a long time. Our individual wine racks, wine cellar doors, Tuscan tables and modular wine cabinets are made from mahogany, a wood known not only for its beauty but its durability. We also offer our wine racks in pine, which accepts stain well and can be sourced locally. Here is a closer look at these materials.

Mahogany is a popular choice for woodworking because it is easy to work with and is very durable. It is an excellent choice for a wine cellar environment because it is resistant to rot and is non-aromatic. Its rich, sometimes deep red color makes it one of the most attractive hardwood options available to the woodworking industry at a reasonable price. It also takes stain well and characteristics of the wood show over time.

While not all mahogany is responsibly harvested, Vigilant Inc. gets its mahogany from regulated and managed forests in Malaysia.

Pine, like mahogany, is an excellent choice for wine racks because it accepts stain well, is non-aromatic and stands up to humid environments. It is a less expensive alternative to many woods, including mahogany, but is still very durable and attractive. The pine used in our wine racks comes from New England so it is locally sourced and reduces the impacts from transportation.

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