What Are The Steps In Designing My Own Wine Cellar?

A home wine cellar can be a useful — and stylish — addition to any home.  It can also add significant value. Taking a few minutes to consider the process of a custom wine cellar construction will go a long way in insuring that you will be happy with your new room for years to come.

1. Decide on a budget. How much can you comfortably afford to spend on your new room? Consider all of the elements: wine racks, construction, cooling, build-out and any extras.2. Choose a site. Choose a place for your room that will be convenient, yet unobtrusive. Also, consider the space for the cooling system and duct work, if necessary. Don’t let space deter you from building a cellar, as closet conversions are still a great option.

3. Determine how large you’d like the wine cellar to be. How many bottles would you like your wine cellar to hold? This will be somewhat determined by your space and your budget. If possible, allow space for your collection to grow.

4. Choose a contractor. Unless you are extremely handy, you’ll also need someone to build out the wine cellar and install the cabinets and cooling system. A general contractor will work for most of the project. Some cooling systems, however, require an HVAC technician to install them.

5. Pick finishes, lighting, a cooling system and a few extras. Last is the best part: choosing the details. Decide whether you’d like natural wood in your wine cellar or perhaps a maple or cherry finish. Choose lighting (at least two types). Pick out the cooling system that best suits your needs and add artwork, decorative moldings and wine cellar furniture to put the finishing touches on your new wine cellar.

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