What extras should I include in my wine cellar design?

Sure, a home wine cellar is meant to store wine, but you can also add a few extras to make your cellar truly your own—and truly luxurious.

  • Table and Chairs – A center table or counter with a couple of chairs, or bar stools, in your wine cellar will allow you to sit and sip amid your collection as well as entertain guests.
  • Library Area – If you enjoy tasting wine, chances are you also enjoy reading about it. Set aside an area of your cellar for a bookshelf or two to store your wine books.
  • Artwork and Murals – Wine art, especially realistic prints and oils of wine bottles, is a popular motif. A single print or original work will add an individual touch to your cellar. Consider original or prefabricated murals to add an "Old World" feel to your wine room.
  • Design Extras – Additional design elements, such as cabinet moldings and corner display units will give your cellar a rich, luxurious air without adding greatly to your total cost.
  • Custom Doors – An etched glass door or a heavy wooden, Tuscan-style door creates the feel of a European cellar

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