What Kind of Furniture Can I Add to My Wine Cellar?

Tuscan Table with wooden top

While not essential, adding a few pieces of furniture when you draw up your wine cellar design can add a cozy touch to the room and give you a convenient place to sit and sip your wine. A table and a few chairs is usually sufficient. You can even find pre-stained furniture to match your wine cabinets as well.

Some examples of wine cellar furniture include:

Wine Cellar Tables – These free-standing wooden tables store wine beneath a wooden, glass or stone counter. Wine tables may be bar table height or the height of a standard kitchen counter. Some may also have drawers to store wine openers, corks and other accessories.

Wine Cellar Stools – Wine cellar stools don’t take up a lot of room or interfere with the sight lines around the cellar as a high-back chair would do. Choose the wood to match your cabinets and decide between leather and fabric for upholstery.

Wine cellar furniture comes in a variety of styles, ranging from Italian designs to rustic, barrel-shaped pieces.

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