Where should I put my home wine cellar?

Home wine cellars are now a big part of  home design.  Sure, a huge, marble bathroom is nice, but if you’re a wine lover, nothing says luxury quite like a home wine cellar. Unless you’re building a new home, however, finding a place to put your home wine cellar can be a challenge. Consider some of the following ideas:

Converting a walk-in closet. Do you have a walk-in closet in a guest bedroom or a large linen closet that could be transformed into a wine cellar?

Converting a former pantry. Many older homes are lean on closet space.  However, many do have a pantry located just off of the kitchen. Make sure that the space is located far from appliances if you don’t plan to add a temperature control system.

Utilizing the basement – Homes with a finished basement or utility room might have an extra corner where you can install a home wine cellar.


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