Where can I use commercial wine display racks?

Uses for commercial wine display racks are limited mostly by your imagination. Just as every restaurant and retail store has a different style, every commercial wine display has a different design.

Some commercial wine displays are used mostly for storage. Stores that sell a large quantity of a limited number of wines might use wine cubes to separate each type. This makes it easier for consumers to find what they want.

Wine stores that offer a few bottles of many unique, or boutique, wines, might opt for a system of interlocking cubes so that all of the specialized wine inventory can be displayed to shoppers.

Retailers that deal in high-end wines, might also wish to include a locking rack to prevent theft. Such a rack is a perfect place for those Bordeaux and expensive Champagnes.

Not all commercial wine racks have to be on the sales floor. Wine racks are also useful in the store room for excess inventory or to hold special orders.

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