Where to Find Ideas for Home Wine Cellar Designs

You’ve decided that a home wine cellar is something you’d like to build. You want to store your wine at a constant, cool temperature, be able to have the wine all together and like the thought of a stylish, wood-paneled wine cellar. But, where do you begin designing your room?


  • Libraries – Most public libraries have books with at least a section on designing your own wine cellar. 
  • Web resources – Home decorating sites have ideas on building your own wine cellar. In addition, wine sites, such as Wine.com or Wine spectator.com offer advice for building a wine cellar. 
  • Manufacturers – Most companies that sell custom wine racks offer a design service. You simply send them your room measurements, what you’d like included along with your budget, and they’ll send you a room plan. Often, this service is free. 
  • Restaurants – Many restaurants have custom wine cellars and rooms. Ask for a tour on a slow night; the wine steward should be more than happy to comply and may even offer some tips he or she learned while constructing the room. 


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