Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

You’re planning to build a wine cellar and you want to make sure your wine is stored at the right temperature. Storing wine properly will protect your investment for many years to come, so it’s important to plan accordingly.

There are several different kinds of wine cooling systems. Here are three main types and how they work.

A through-wall system is installed through the wall of the wine cellar to release exhaust into another room. The bordering room has to be air conditioned to dispel the heat that the wine cellar cooling system exhaust gives off.

Ductless Split
A ductless split unit is similar to a through-wall system, but there is one difference. In a ductless split system, an evaporator coil is installed in the room with a split refrigeration unit, while a condenser is positioned in an adjacent room or outside the home. This type of system also requires a drain to collect surplus condensation and works best with a humidifier to control the humidity level.

Ducted System
The ducted system is the most comprehensive kind of wine cellar cooling system available. This system can be installed through-wall or remotely and be completely ducted into and out from the wine cellar and the room where it’s placed.

When deciding on a wine cellar cooling system, consider a system’s efficiency first and overall appearance second. The best looking system may not be suitable for your particular space. When in doubt about which system is right for you, consult an expert like a member of the Vigilant’s sales team who can go over the features and benefits of each system. Vigilant offers several different wine cooling systems from the most reputable companies on the market.

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