Wine Cellar Organization Tips

Wine storage organization

An Estate height wine cellar.

Keeping track of your wine collection in a wine cellar  can be a daunting task. Here are some tips on how to organize your wine so you can easily locate your favorite bottle when you need it.

Q: How can I manage my wine storage?

A: Even if you have a small collection, it can be daunting to remember where every bottle is, and just what vintages you have in your collection. There are many software programs and even entire computer systems available that can help manage your wine collections. You can create a database of wines you own, and would like to own in the future. You can map where each bottle is in your wine cellar. You can even keep tasting notes and wine auction information all in one place. These programs are a must for the serious collector. They’ll help you keep your collection manageable and organized no matter how large it grows.

Q: What is a bottling method that will help me quickly locate bottles?

A: Labeling systems vary in wine room storage. Bottle tags can help keep track of what is stored in your wine room. You cannot always tell what flavor a wine is by quickly glancing at the label or the bottle. Bottle tags come in a variety of colors and can be hung around the neck of the wine. Write on it in permanent ink to prevent anything from making it unreadable. Tagging every bottle in your collection can help you to locate the bottle you are looking for quickly and efficiently and without disturbing your entire collection.

Q: What is a wine management system?

A: This machine is similar to what is used in restaurants but many retailers now offer it for home wine cellars as well using the same design. The system is installed in your wine cellar and set up for you to enter each bottle of wine as you store it. It keeps a running inventory of all of the bottles stored in your wine cellar and enables you to properly manage your collection with a simple, easy-to-use touch-screen. A wine management system allows you the opportunity to use technological means to be aware of exactly where bottles are stored, how many brands and flavors of wine you have in stock, which bottles have been used and which ones need to be re-stocked.

Q: What is a wine cellar book?

A: Another option is to invest in a paper bookkeeping system, in addition to the aforementioned computerized option. Organize your wine, either by size, label, rate of maturity, or another system of your choice. Record your organizational methods into a “cellar book.” A cellar book will enable you to find a label without having to search exhaustively. This system allows you to track all of the wine that comes in and out of your wine cellar. Your cellar book should include a diagram of your wine cellar with descriptions of each wine and the rack on which it is stored, so you can better keep track of all of your labels and various rates of development.

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