What Size Wine Cellar Will Hold My Wine Collection?

Wine cellar storage for all room sizes

The size of your wine collection will help you determine the size of your wine cellar.

Before you begin finalizing your wine cellar plans, it’s important to calculate the probable size of your wine collection. Figure out how large or small you would like your collection to be and the number of bottles you are currently storing. This will help you estimate the cost, size and materials needed to construct your wine cellar. A large-scale wine storage area isn’t necessary if you are planning on storing a few bottles in your home.

For smaller collections, there are a few options. Consider smaller storage options or wine racks to store your wine in an existing space in your home. Wine should be stored away from heat sources and vibration if possible. Wine cubes also work well for smaller wine collections and can easily be incorporated into the décor of any room. See our tips on storing wine for the best ways to store wine in your home.

Consider a larger wine cellar if you already have a decent amount of wine, plan to grow your collection or buy wine in bulk. Buying cases of wine is a good way to save money versus buying bottles individually and can give you access to vintages that may not be available later. Wines that age well in a wine cellar are also a wise purchase, as it can be enjoyed at a later time. For recommended aging times for common varietals, see our post on wines that age best in a wine cellar.

Use our wine cellar construction chart to help get an idea of how many bottles you can store in a certain amount of space. For example, a five foot by five foot room (with 25 square feet) will have 19 feet of usable wall space and store approximately 500 bottles. A five by ten foot room will hold about double the amount of wine bottles.

Another thing to consider is the size of the bottles you’ll be storing. Will you have all standard sized bottles or some magnum (1.5 liter) bottles? View our wine bottle sizing and storage chart to see what size bottles fit in each of our wine racks.

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