Does My Wine Storage Have to be Huge & Costly?

Don’t hold off building a wine cellar because you don’t have the space or the funds for a whole room installation. A home wine storage unit may be as small as a single wine cube or as large as your imagination.

On the smaller end, wine storage units may be a multi-cube tower in your dining or living room or a wall-mounted cube in your kitchen. Intermediate wine storage options include a single wine tower, capable of holding 45 bottles, or a wall of wine cubes that will hold up to 500 bottles. These can be installed in a closet-sized wine pantry or be freestanding in your living area or dining room.

More elaborate wine storage units include custom installations and separate wine cellars. These generally have a temperature-controlled environment and multiple wine storage racks. Extras might include some counter tops, offset lighting, a tasting table and chairs or decorative moldings.

Whatever size you choose, the goal of a home wine cellar design is to display your wine collection, store the bottles horizontally to best preserve them and organize your wine so you know how much of each vintage you have.

See our Closet Conversions page for more information on storing wine in smaller spaces.

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